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Welcome To the Online Store of NNCC, Inc.
...Producers of the CheckMate Series 
 Professional Emergency Pocket Reference Guides and PDA software
for nursing, medical, and allied health care professionals.
" Fast Facts at your Fingertips" Since 1991
CheckMate Series:  
Now available:  2010 ECC AHA Guidelines
All CheckMates include current ACLS/PALS/BLS algorithms, Hemodynamics,
Emergency Medication Guidelines, Drug Drip Charts, ABGs, Neuro, Pediatric
sections plus Critical Care, ER/Trauma, or PeriAnesthesia specific information. 
All manuals are completely upgradable as standards change.


Page Packs - Customize your CheckMate:

Customize your CheckMate by adding our all NEW Page Packs:  Extended Drug Drip Charts; RSI timeline with multiple drug options listed with onset, duration, and dosages for adults and peds and suggested drug regimes for common conditions; Cardiac Page Pack with hemodynamic profiles of multiple conditions, PAP monitoring and Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation; Spanish/English medical translations; Train of Fours; Pediatric Medication Page Pack - calculating Pediatric drips without the rule of 6; the new and revised Conscious Sedation; and more.  Check out these add-on options in the Page Pack Section of our online store.



CheckMate PDA:  All in one Critical Care Solution

No subscription fees;  upgrades are always free! 

The CheckMate PDA is one single comprehensive program that will include basic and specialty info from all the CheckMates.  The 12 modules include: Adult, Pediatrics, Trauma, Calculators, Respiratory, Neuro, Labs, Emergency Medications, Illustrations, Assessment, Poison and Drug Overdose, and Bioterrorism.   Your all-in-one answer for a PDA bedside reference...

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